This lady had hair down her back and was fed up with tying it up and having no real hair style. We helped her with a hair style she could manage. The new restyle brought out her natural curls.

Short Layered Hair Cut


A simple short layered hair cut for this lady. To book your hair cut or restyle then please do call in or ring us with your requirements on 01803 522 534.  

The look YOU want!


We set this lady's hair using pin curls. She didn't want any heat on her hair but wanted-waves. By using pin curls we achievedthe look she wanted. For the look you want call Eclips Hair on 01803 522 534.

Going to a Ball?


Here is a picture of a hair style for a lady who going to a ball. She wanted a hair cut that was a little different then she usually has. We do a great many hair suts and styles for events, balls and proms so if you need to book an appointment thne just call [...]

Hair in a Bow


If you are in Torquay or Paignton why not try something different with your hair style. Alex has recently created a 'hair up' style in the shape of a bow. It may look simple but there is a degree of skill in creating in to maintain the shape and look.